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THIS Simple Mistake Got Me 5 Years In Prison Instead Of 2... Court Has Secrets

It happened in 2009… I was a pilot, life was good, BUT… I had a secret. I committed a crime and it made me afraid to answer a blocked number that kept calling. My worst fears became reality when I finally answered.

I was arrested by the FBI, but this was only the beginning...

I was a commercial pilot

I felt extremely confused, lost, and angry…

I had no idea what to do or what would happen next. Neither did my family.

Keep in mind my family went through ALL of this with me. I turned our lives upside-down. This hurt as much as getting arrested. It was traumatic, not knowing what’s going to happen next… we feared the unknown every single step of the way.

I finally crumbled and used every dime I had to hire an attorney. I wanted him to make the pain go away. I couldn’t take the stress and worry alone anymore. I figured he’ll do all the thinking for me. I thought he’ll help me prepare for the judge… I was terribly wrong. And the cost of being wrong this time? A long prison sentence… that could have been a lot shorter, and an empty bank account.

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I messed up transporting marijuana, that’s for sure...

But the only reason I got a 5 year sentence was because I tried navigating the system on my own.

The attorney did his job… sure, as much as he could. But attorneys often have many clients, and they just don’t have the time or need to teach you how the Federal System really works.

They don’t have the time to answer all your questions… To tell you what’s the next step… To help you prepare for the interviews, the federal judge, write the letters, get your act together, and so many other things I could have used.

I keep picturing what could’ve happened if I had the right information at the right time…

Let's imagine how this could have gone if I had a step-by-step guide...

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I immediately start following my guide to minimize damage (shorten my sentence). I show my family an easy step-by-step map of what to expect from the ENTIRE process. We get peace of mind knowing what to do next.

Instead of hiding and wasting my time being angry and worried – I focus on things I can control.

I take the guide and build my case for a better, shorter sentence. I get started early. I follow a template for my personal story and I rehearse for my pre-sentence interview so I'm not surprised by government questions.

I learn how to work hand in hand with my attorney so my sentencing has story and impact. This time around, my actions would relieve tons of stress. They would also show the judge I’m NOT his average defendant. (I’ll explain how important this is in minute..)

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IF I had my own guide at the time… it would help me earn the shortest sentence I could reasonably expect.

Wouldn’t this be a better way to handle being indicted? ABSOLUTELY! It would have made a huge difference.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the right information at the time… I could have done things to get a much shorter sentence. It was entirely possible, and instead… I got 5 years.

I lost 5 years of work, spending time with my family, friends, and doing all the things I love.

My point is… I know how it feels. And that’s EXACTLY why now it’s my life’s work to make sure people like you don’t get screwed over!

EVEN if I couldn’t make my sentence shorter… At least I could have bargained for house arrest, I would be able to be with my friends and family.

If not house arrest, then a more lenient, safer prison, one closer to home perhaps… And countless other things I could have done to make my sentence a lot easier.

Instead, I took the hard fall on all accounts… The worst-case scenario. Please don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Why Listen To Me?

I spent the last 10 years working on this. I was a commercial pilot and economist. I decided to change my expertise to help people navigate the Federal System. This information could have saved me years of my life. I want to make sure you don't miss the steps I missed.

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Simply put, I’m a human who knows what it’s like.

I was shocked when the judge handed down 5 years in my marijuana conspiracy. I knew little about the Federal System, but all that changed quickly.

I made a lot of simple mistakes. I didn’t think they mattered, but they added up to a much longer sentence than I expected.

That’s why I vowed to make "The Sentencing GPS" course. It;s a full step by step guide that helps people navigate the system after they've been indicted.

I was determined to show people the simple mistakes that cost me so much.

Not everyone can afford a whole team of expensive attorneys or mitigation experts.

That’s why I built this course. To help people who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in this situation.

I believe everyone should get the benefits of a sentence mitigation expert… without it costing them thousands of dollars.

My goal is to give you:

  • Strategies to earn yourself a shorter sentence
  • Teach you how to present yourself to the judge so they see the true you
  • Handle your pre-sentencing interviews with the right answers
  • Confidence and knowledge instead of fear, panic, and worry throughout the process
  • Stress relief for you and your family in every step of the way
  • Complete outline of the process from beginning to end, so you know what to expect

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You Need The Sentencing GPS

The step-by-step training for perfectly designing your sentencing package and getting a shorter sentence without spending tens of thousands of dollars!

If you can’t spend thousands on experts, this is your way to fight. First, let's bust these common myths.

7 Biggest Sentencing Myths:

  • Myth: I’m not smart enough for this legal stuff.

    Truth: If you have an outline, it’s simple to tell your story to the court. You know your story better than anyone and it can have more impact when it comes from you.

    Proof: Federal Judge Bough says, "Attorneys only have 1-2% effect. What is much more meaningful to me, and I believe to most judges, is if I believe the defendant is truly remorseful and has given some thought about it.”

  • Myth: I can let my attorney handle sentencing. I’m too stressed to do it.

    Truth: Many attorneys don’t have time to fully dedicate to your sentencing. Many attorneys ask their clients to hire an expert to work on the sentencing package.

    Proof:I didn’t work on it myself and I didn’t hire an expert. The cost? Years of my life in prison. The fact is, a long list of experts charge top dollar for this kind of info. That shows how important this part is.

  • Myth: I don’t have the money for sentencing experts because I have to pay my lawyer.

    Truth: The legal system drains people’s bank accounts. Most people can’t pay 10k-20k for a sentence mitigation expert. They just give up on their sentence mitigation package, and hope for the best because they can’t afford to hire an expert. I’m sorry to say that this is just not good enough. This is the most damaging thing people do to themselves.

    Proof: This course is your other option.

  • Myth: What I do now doesn’t matter. The damage is already done.

    Truth: What you do right now will have a huge effect on your sentence. If you have a clear plan of action, you can build your case and stand out to the judge. What you do after arrest and how you prepare makes a big difference with your sentence. Just imagine how many people in this situation throw the towel in and give up. The judges see this all the time. That’s exactly why they’re going to look at you differently.

    Proof: Federal Judge Mark Bennett says, "It results in a judge who was thinking about sentencing in the middle of the guidelines, to go to the bottom of the guidelines. For many judges, it can mean a lower sentence."

  • Myth: The Judge doesn’t have that much discretion. They just follow the guidelines.

    Truth: The judge has a lot of discretion. When people are tricked by this myth, they don’t build a case for their good character and it can mean a longer sentence.

    Proof: Federal Judge Steven Bough says, "If a judge wants to sentence somebody harshly, there’s a factor for that. If a judge wants to sentence someone leniently, there’s something for that, too."

  • Myth: I already paid my attorney to do this. They’ll get me the best possible sentence.

    Truth: Technically you’re right. Of course your attorney will do "the best they can do". But attorneys just don’t have time to do everything. Many attorneys work on multiple cases at once. Many attorneys still need to hire experts to help with sentencing mitigation. It depends on if you can afford spending that much. Even though you paid your attorney, there is always more you can do.

    Proof: There's an entire industry that’s been built around sentencing experts who help attorneys do better.

  • Myth: I can find most of this stuff online so I don’t need to pay for it.

    Truth: You could, but it would take months. If you have the time, and the drive, go for it. But if you’ve got other things to handle… If you want help from someone who’s been where you are now… Then this course is perfect for you. Like I said before… I’ve spent 10 years researching this stuff… and I’ve used that knowledge and time to create the best possible, easy to follow course available.

    Proof: This part is your decision.

  • Myth: I hired a consultant so I don't need this info.

    Truth: This can be a consultant companion. This will help you get far more VALUE out of your prison consultant. With this guide you can ask good questions and help come up with a plan of action. Trust me. You're in a chess match and your life is at stake. Knowlege is power. This course gives you a step by step guide to make sure your consultant is operating at the HIGHEST level.

    Proof: This part is your decision.

How Important Is Sentence Mitigation?

If you did a quick Google search you’d see… It’s extremely important. It’s life-changing.

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People throw millions of dollars at sentencing experts every year… Because it works.

If you can afford one, pay whatever it takes. But if you can’t, then my course can help you.

It’s like having a virtual sentencing expert.

Why Does This Work?

The Law Changed In Your Favor... Here's what NPR says:

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Ari Shapiro:Because of the Supreme Court's decision in the United States vs. Booker, judges are no longer required to follow federal sentencing guidelines.”

Ms. Scapicchio:Now judges can take into consideration things like family circumstances, whether or not this was out of character for this particular defendant to have committed this particular crime where before, that wasn't something that judges could consider.”

Translation: Judges will take your statement into account, now more than ever… That’s why getting this information is important. And the statement is just one piece of the puzzle.

So what do Federal Judges think about You getting this Information?

Here's what they say:
Remember, the course provides easy templates to present to your judge.

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The Honorable Judge Steven Bough

“If a judge wants to sentence somebody harshly, there’s a factor for that. If a judge wants to sentence someone leniently, there’s something for that, too. So we look at the history and characteristics of the defendant.

You look at what happened in this particular crime. What’s a just punishment? How do you deter? How do you rehab? It’s the opposite of the sentencing guidelines.

Now I’ve got to look at you and your crime and your background and what do you need to end up being a successful citizen of our country.”

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The Honorable Judge Mark Bennett

“It’s fine for the defense lawyer to give a short overview of what he thinks his client has learned and how he thinks his client is making changes and will continue to make changes and why his client is motivated to do so.

That’s fine as an introduction but, the nuts and bolts of it, you need to hear from the offender, in my view, so that we can gauge how thoughtful they are, is this really sincere, are they being credible, is it realist?

I think the vast majority of federal judges who do sentencing, take the statement by the offender very seriously and weigh that.”

Results Speak For Themselves

Jeff is from a good family. He’s 43 and has worked as a police officer for most of his life. He made a mistake and was convicted of fraud.

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Jeff used my sentence mitigation strategies. He cut his sentence down to a year and one day!

He took THIS course... Here’s what Jeff said:

“Brandon’s course was extremely valuable for my case. God knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t take it… Whether you decide to hire attorneys or consultants, that’s up to you. But I think everyone being indicted should go through this course AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. The course is clear, to-the-point, and surprisingly easy to follow.

I went through it with my wife, it’s all online and we found priceless value inside. I will be surrendering in a few weeks and I feel calm and well prepared. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone I know that values their lives and time.

One more thing I have to mention: Brandon spent over an hour on the phone with me after I took the course. I can’t tell you how good this felt. To have someone that knows the system go through all this with you. I couldn’t believe how sincere this guy is and how he really wants to help people....

Thank you, Brandon, I’ll be keeping in touch with you as promised as I go through my journey. Thanks brother. – Jeff.”

THIS sentence shocked all of us... Watch

More Results

Johnnie is a military vet with a 3 year old girl. He was charged in a drug conspiracy.

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Johnnie used my strategies. He cut 5 years down to ONLY probation!

He followed THIS guide... Here’s what Johnnie said:


I was facing some serious time in the Federal system and you helped me so much.

If I hadn’t found your research, I doubt I’d be where I am today, successful, and happy.

I didn't try to beat the system or hustle my way through it. I’m only here because of your plan and my sincere effort to change.

Thank you for what you do, you saved a man's freedom, and kept me with my little girl. I will never forget that.

Sincerely & Genuinely,

Johnnie and Jemma”

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Position yourself for a shorter, better sentence without spending thousands.

Here’s How "The Sentencing GPS" Works:

  • Sign up and log in
  • You have 24/7 access to the training videos and templates. Watch and follow anywhere – anytime.
  • You and I will talk on the phone and make sure you understand your strategy. I’ll answer all your questions.
  • You’ll have 60 days of email with me to make sure the steps are complete. I’ll be there with you every step of the way.
  • Along the way, you will continue to work with your lawyer.
  • Your sentencing package will be drastically improved, giving you a much better shot at a shorter sentence.
  • If not shorter, then a better sentence, which could mean a prison closer to home, a safer, more lenient prison, and many other things…

Exactly What You'll See Inside "The Sentencing GPS"

A step by step guide to sentence mitigation including easy videos and templates.

Chapter 1: You’ll learn strategies for a shorter sentence. You’ll know what to expect from beginning to end. You’ll know what’s coming next with a solid path to follow. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you’re not powerless.

Chapter 2: You’ll learn the truth about snitching and how to leverage your attorney. A lot of attorneys do nothing to prepare you. Sometimes they’re not even available for phone calls. You’ll learn the game that’s being played and how to deal with the court system. These real strategies will improve your chances at a shorter sentence.

Chapter 3: You’ll learn about your best shot at a shorter sentence. This is your chance to focus on things you have the power to change. We’ll work on your personal story, building a solid history of positive change, and getting the correct type of character letters. Attorneys say in reviews that personal stories to the judge are more valuable than gold. There are things you must do personally to get the judge on your side to earn yourself less time.

Chapter 4: You’ll learn the 7 keys to influencing your judge with high performing character reference letters. You’ll also learn tactics to request letters from the proper people.

Chapter 5: You’ll learn about the pre-sentence investigation and how to beat the government at their own game. I’ll also reveal tactics the government can use to get you a harsh sentence. The government is very tricky in PSR interviews. It’s easy to get lost and confused during the interview and that can translate into a longer sentence. Doing this part all alone isn’t a good idea. The Sentencing GPS will help you understand and manage the interview with confidence.

Chapter 5 Bonus: You’ll learn how to get 12 months off your sentence with RDAP. Some attorneys don’t have time to train you. Screening happens before you report to prison. You could miss getting your year off if you just “let your attorney handle it”.

Chapter 6: You’ll learn how to negotiate your Plea Deal Without Getting Tricked. It’s extremely important to negotiate your plea deal for maximum impact. The Government has a lot of tricks when it comes to beating you in a plea-deal. Lawyers aren't as good as they should be about negotiating the details on your behalf. This is one of the most important things you do... and most people don't get a good deal because they don't know these steps.

Chapter 7: Your Last Important Steps: You’ll learn what to set up before you report to prison to make sure the experience is as smooth as possible and you don’t miss any items that will benefit you.

BONUS: 60 days of email consulting: You and I will work closely via email. I’ll make sure your personal story is crafted for maximum impact with your judge. Specifically, you’ll email me your drafts and I’ll provide feedback. We’ll work together until it’s perfect.

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When you enroll in the course today, here’s what you’ll get:

"The Sentencing GPS" - Your full step by step guide to getting a shorter sentence: This includes 24/7 access to a map of the process start to finish with instructional videos, templates, and email consultation. - Value $297

Template to organize your message to the court: Your Judge is going to sentence you. You’ll get a template plus an example to craft a written message that shows your Judge that you are not a bad person. This is key for a favorable sentence. - Value $197

Template to craft quality character reference letters: Your Judge will read these letters… BUT you have very little time to make an impact. They must hit hard. You’ll get a real life example plus templates to show your references how to create good letters. - Value $197

Bonus: Checklist - 13 Things to prepare before you self surrender: There are a lot of things you can set up before you leave so your prison stay is less stressful. This list will help make sure you don't miss anything important. - Value $97

Bonus: Checklist - 7 Things you can take with you to prison: You'll know exactly what you can carry with you into the prison facility on your first day and the benefits of each item. - Value $97

Bonus: 60 days of Email Consulting: I want to make sure I answer your questions about building your image for the court. That’s why I offer 60 days of email support. I want to make sure you understand the process. - Value $1997

The total value is $2,882
But you'll only pay 10% of that cost...


Click the button below right now and get everything for only $297

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100% Risk Free

If you don't get at LEAST 3 MONTHS OFF your sentence, then return the course for a full refund.

A lot of prison consultants prey on fear. That's not me. That's why I offer a full guarantee. This course is risk free because I know it will help with your sentencing.

If you've read this far then you know...

Federal Judges, attorneys, and experts all agree that sentence mitigation is VERY important.

Judges take your presentation, statements, letters, pre-sentencing behavior… all into account when deciding on how much time you’ll do and where.

Here's How You Could End Up With A Long Prison Sentence:

- Your attorney just won’t have the time or drive to focus on your sentence mitigation…

- Fear and panic hits and you can’t afford thousands of dollars to pay for sentence mitigation experts…so you give up and just hope for the best…

- You think like I did when I was indicted and let your attorney “handle it” – big mistake!

Nobody cares more about your situation than you do. Let me help you turn that care into action.

You're at a CRUCIAL step... You have 3 choices:

  1. You can spend thousands for an expert...
  2. Or you can falsely hope your attorney handles everything...
  3. Or you can start this course and follow the easy steps.

Many people just hand their fate over to their attorney at this point.

But you’ve seen Judges and experts all explain why that’s a very bad idea.

  • Even if you don’t write well...
  • Even if law is confusing…
  • Even if you’re overwhelmed…
  • Even if you don’t feel like you have the time or the money…
  • …All the alternatives are much, much worse.

Sentence mitigation is the one thing YOU can do, and I will help you and your family every step of the way.

This isn’t something to “put off” until another day. In fact, every day matters. There are things you can do today that will help your case. I was right where you are. I know exactly what it takes.

And remember it’s completely risk-free for 30 days. You can get a full refund if you finish the course and you don’t feel like it worked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly will I have when I'm done with this course?

I'll show you the easy pieces you can add to your sentence mitigation package.

We'll create a remorse or rehab plan that documents all the positive changes you've made since your arrest. In a way the judge will understand and appreciate.

Depending on your sentencing theme you'll start taking daily action to give back to the community. We'll grow this document as large as we can. My action plan is very effective and easy to follow.

I'll provide an easy template so you can write a letter to the judge that tells your life story and dives into why you committed your crime, why you show remorse, and why you won't get in trouble again.

I'll show you how to stand in court and talk to the judge. What you'll say and how you say it.

I'll give you templates to reach out to your community for support letters.

I'll give you a template to choose your 5 best character reference letters.

Character reference letters will hit specific themes that will be presented to your judge.

We'll decide on an overall theme that each part of your sentencing package supports.

You'll follow my easy steps to prep for your pre-sentencing interview with the government. You'll hand the interviewer a document that lays out your sentencing theme and your character story.

You'll have notes and documentation for RDAP to make sure you qualify for time off if you need it.

You'll have an overall map of the process from indictment until you get home.

There's a lot of things I'll help you do. I'll make sure you know every step.

Will this really get me a shorter sentence?

The short answer is yes it's VERY possible.

People always ask this. I understand why because when I went through sentencing I was under the false impression that there was nothing I could do. My lawyer pretty much told me the same.

Then I came to find out that there are people who apply themselves to look extremely good in court. They impress the judge with the lengths they've taken to show remorse, pay back their victims and rebuild their lives. These people do get shorter sentences if the judge believes they are genuine.

No you won't get a shorter sentence by just reading this guide, watching some videos, and using some tricks.

And yes, you can get amazing results if you follow my guide do the dot and you make an effort to build your case with me. There’s work to do, but it’s worth every bit because your life is on the line.

There are unique cases where the judge has no leeway, but that’s rare. It’s very likely you have a big chance to save a lot of time in front of you right now. But nobody is going to do it for you.

How long will I need to finish this course before I go to prison?

The earlier you take action the better. There are mistakes you can make early that have lasting consequences from the lawyer you choose, to the approach you take with the government.

If you haven’t been sentenced yet, then there’s still time to take action to sway the judge’s opinion. You can take easy steps that will mitigate your sentence, and provide stress-relief for you and your family through the whole thing.

Should my family watch this?

Absolutely. These videos will give them ways to help you. It will make them feel better because they'll understand the process. a bit. It will give you goals to work on together to mitigate the damage.

They’ll also feel more in control, more confident, and a lot less scared…

Is it really "Risk Free"?

Yes, I give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, I'll send your money back because I believe in what I'm giving you.

Every time I work with people who buy my course I remember how much I wish I had something like this when I was indicted. That’s why I’m offering that guarantee… I know what this course will give to you and your family.

What if I'm fighting my case in trial?

This course probably isn't for you. Most people in the Feds end up taking a deal and their biggest battle becomes getting a shorter sentence at the sentencing hearing. This course isn't designed for someone going to trial. I wish you the best of luck.

You’ve seen that the judges agree…
The attorneys and experts agree…
And me, having been in the same situation…DEFINITELY AGREE…

…This IS your best option.

I’ve done my best to make it as easy as possible.

Are YOU ready to follow the easy steps to a shorter sentence?

Every moment matters.


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